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PMT Products Model 88 is a full-featured, all stainless steel transmitter, designed for years of stable performance in even the toughest environmental and media conditions. Approvals include FM and CSA for explosion-proof and CSA for intrinsic safety ratings. The Model 88 also meets NACE standards for offshore applications. A five year warranty is standard for the 88C.

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Search Results

Model #Pressure RangeLead
88C003A288 Pressure Transmitter0/6 to 0/30 psi (0/1 to 0/2 bar)3-4 Weeks$931.00
88C001A288 Pressure Transmitter3 to 15 psi (21 to 104 kPa)3-4 Weeks$955.00
88C002A288 Pressure Transmitter0/6 to 0/15 psi (0/0.4 to 0/1 bar)3-4 Weeks$931.00
88C004A288 Pressure Transmitter0/20 to 0/100 psi (0/1.4 to 0/7 bar)3-4 Weeks$931.00
88C005A288 Pressure Transmitter0/60 to 0/300 psi (0/4 to 0/20 bar)3-4 Weeks$931.00
88C006A288 Pressure Transmitter0/200 to 0/1000 psi (0/14 to 0/70 bar)3-4 Weeks$976.00
88C007A288 Pressure Transmitter0/600 to 0/3000 psi (0/40 to 0/200 bar)3-4 Weeks$976.00
88C008A288 Pressure Transmitter0/1000 to 0/5000 psi (0/70 to 0/350 bar)3-4 Weeks$976.00
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